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Step into our laboratories and discover new realms of pleasure and pain

Our Lab​oratories specialise in developing equipment to make you succumb to your deepest desires.  Choose a door and let your fantasies run wild.

KB3D Water Mark Base_Water Mark Black.png
KB3D Water Mark Base_Water Mark Black.png

The Chastity Lab.

In the Chastity Lab we design and craft equipment to drive you wild.

We have produced some of the most customisable, comfortable and devious chastity devices and accessories to keep you or your sub begging for more.

The Gas Mask Lab.

Enter Gas Mask Lab at your own risk, for here we create instruments of pleasure and pain.

Intoxicate and penetrate the mind of your sub by controlling what solids, liquids or gases may enter their system.  Not for the faint of heart!

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KB3D Chastity


Get access to all of my chastity designs

KB3D Gasmask


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Get access to all of my chastity and gasmask designs

Want to print KB3D designs at home, but can't support us through patreon?  A selection of our designs are available for FREE on Thingiverse.


 Custom Prints 

Just because your shape, size or dimensions doesn't fit the societal "norm", doesn't mean that the door to the BDSM world should be closed to you. 

At KB3D Laboratories, we are able to customise almost any of our designs so that they work for you.  Just reach out to us and let us know what modifications need to be made and we'll be happy to work with you.

Have a fun new idea!  Talk to me about those too and maybe we can make something special.  See our "How to buy" page for more about bringing your ideas to life


We have a bunch of guides in our guides section: 

  • Want to do chastity on a budget?

  • Want to print our designs at home?

  • Struggle with long distance/online keyholding? (coming soon)

  • Not sure what the difference is between gas masks?

Check out our guides, and if you don't find a guide for what you're looking for, get in touch and suggest one.

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