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Russian GP5

The Iconic Russian Gas Mask

Arguable the most common fetish gas masks due to the availability and price.

This mask is also unique as it covers the head as standard adding to the full covered drone look.

The inlet and outlet valve are one unit. 

KB3D GP5 Modules

The 2024 Update

After the release of version one of the modules for the GP5, which kick-started the development of KB3D modules for gas masks - This year we are releasing version 2. 

Version 2, updates every module to include the feedback I have received and includes new modules. Important to note that some modules require an insert and some do not. Check the descriptions of each module for further information.

New modules:

  • Fleshlight module

  • Rebreather module (One Valve) -Optional Insert version

  • Redesigned funnel module - Requires insert

  • Table Module - Insert required

  • Vac-u-lock module - Requires insert

KB3D Fleshlight Module

The GP5 Insert is the key item you need for the KB3D Modular System. 

This component replaces the original valve unit on the GP5, and provides the screw thread for all the attachments below. 

This module is NOT compatible with the screw insert 

KB3D One Valve Module

This module restores the mask with a NATO40 screw thread. So you can use this with NATO40 attachments.

This valve is a two way valve so inlet air and outlet air goes through the same hole - perfect for rebreathing

Screw insert version available - (Only one insert required per mask) 

KB3D GP5 Funnel

The perfect attachment for any human urinal!

This funnel screws into the GP5 Insert and you can then fill it up. The funnel requires a 12mm tube to go from the end into the mouth of the sub.

The new redesigned version has additional breathing tubes which run down the side of the funnel - This will allow the wearer to take a break. However, if you think the break is taking too long, you can use a NATO40 blocker to stop that air forcing the urinal to finish drinking before more air comes - evil right?

Due to how this item is made, this is available on request only. Please contact me directly

This module requires an insert to function (Only one insert required per mask)

GP5 Funnel.png


Sometimes the purpose of a gimp/drone/sub is to fuck. However, the problem is they should always be locked in chastity... well I have the answer for you!

This VAC-U-Lock module is perfect to turn your sub in to a literal 'dickhead' 

This has additional air holes around the side which will not be blocked by the dildo.

So Doms! Ride away of your subs face


This module has been updated to work with the new insert 

This module requires an insert to function (Only one insert required per mask)

KB3D Table Module

This is the perfect module for any object in training. This small side table is perfect to place your drink on, or any other small item. 

Includes breathing holes to ensure air can get into the mask. 

Your gimpy object can be at your side for for as long as you need.

This module requires an insert to function (Only one insert required per mask)

KB3D GP5 Accessories
GP5 Eye Rings

Adding a pop of your colour does not require any modifications. These rings are popped over the current eyes will allow you to add your unique colour to your mask.

These eye rings come in two versions, Standard and Blindfold. Standard rings allows the wear to add colour to their mask without effecting visibility. The blindfold - as suggested by the name - blocks the visibility. 

A new knock-off version of the GP5 has been added to the market. it contains a plastic value unit. Please select which mask you have. If you are unsure, please email me a picture of your gas mask with you order number 


Gas mask attachments can be dangerous. All items are used at your own risk. Please play responsibly

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