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How to: Modify the GP5

Modifying the GP5 is very simple. 


Eye Rings

Installing the eye rings requires no modification. The eye rings and blindfold are simply pushed over the top of the eyes. Job done.

Front modules

This requires removal of the metal front valve. To do this, you use a knife or something flat to pry the teeth up from the metal ring (Image 1).

Continue all around the mask, until the ring becomes loose. The ring can now be removed.

Insert the knife in between the metal valve and the rubber to help remove the front valve.

Now you insert the new item into the same part of the mask, you have just removed the valve from. Now check the orientation to ensure that any modules you are going to screw in will be the right way up.

Then place the metal ring and push the teeth over the top of the ridge to clamp it down. I normally go around a few times to ensure the clamp is tight.


Will using the GP5 System break my gas mask?

This system requires you to remove the metal valve unit from a GP5 Russian gas mask, and replaces it with our GP5 system.  However, the modification is reversible. Provided that you used appropriate care when replacing the metal valve unit, you should be able to remove our GP5 system and reinsert the metal valve unit.  However, we won't be held responsible if you were heavy handed and broke your gas mask.  If you're not confident in replacing it, just keep in mind that this type of gas mask is one of the cheapest on the market. 

If I replace the metal valve, does that mean I won't be able to use NATO40 attachments?

Not at all.  This opens doors, but doesn't shut others.  Now that you've replaced the metal valve with our GP5 system, you can quickly screw in bulkier attachments.  However, if you want to use a NATO40 attachment, we have have a GP5-NATO40 converter.  It's a simple screw, that makes the GP5 system, NATO40 compatible.  This system is simply a screw thread which allows the quick exchange of multiple attachments without any faff.  Perfect for you rebreather fans out there

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