KB3D Outlet Store


The KB3D Outlet store

During product design I will create multiple prototypes. A lot of these are fully functional but go to waste. Now I have an "outlet" store. These items are printed and processed and ready to go. 

Product Key:

  • "PROTOTYPE" are items which were made during product development. I will always indicate how this is different to the final product. 

  • "RETURN" are items which was sent out to someone and they wanted to return it (either incorrect size or change of heart). 

  • "PREVIOUS GEN" are products which were made and produced however never sold. However a new generation has replaced them. 

  • "Seconds" are items which have a few printing defects, however are only cosmetic. Still fully functional.

All items will have been tested and cleaned to ensure they are fully functional (as described)

How to buy:

currently do not have a payment system set up for this store. Please contact me if you would like to purchase any item listed below.

Email: eddy.kb3d@gmail.com

Twitter/Instagram: @kinkybiologist

Recon: KinkyBiologist

Telegram: @KinkyBiologist