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KB3D Cage Shop vs Handmade 


For a long time I have been making the items myself, by using a standard FDM printer. This prints in layers and these layers can be noticeable and can be ugly (depends on your opinion). The current production time for one of my items can become long. Therefore to improve both I am launching a Premium store. I have set up a shop with shapeways to help me achieve this.


Never heard of shapeways?


Shapeways is a "world-class" 3D printing service.  They will take over the printing, and shipping of the item to you. The method of 3D printing used by shapeways is SLS (Selective Laser Sintering), where as I use FDM (Fused deposition modelling). SLS is a sports car in comparison to the bicycle that is FDM.

The negative of FDM is that it prints in layers, generating layer lines. These layer lines can be visible and might need to be sanded to make it smooth followed by sealed to prevent bacteria growing in the layers (especially for chastity cages). This step at the moment takes many hours to complete.


SLS does not require these post processing steps. You do not have layers/visible layer lines, and it is naturally smooth (can pay extra for additional processing).

The downside... is as you can imagine the cost. These items are more expensive.


Advantages to the KB3D Cage Shop

  1. Time: The production time is significantly reduced (and can pay extra for a faster service)

  2. Quality: The overall finish, is better as it has minimal layer lines

  3. Material: Nylon12, is a significantly better material. A material I cannot print at home

Disadvantages to the KB3D Cage Shop
Negatives of Premium:

  • Cost- This will result in a more expensive cage. ( My profit margin are significantly reduced). 

  • Colour Options: although they have many colour options, I have more. Their colours are also not as "strong".

  • The smoothness- This only applies to cages. I finish my cages by coated in a resin resulting a in a very smooth finish. The Premium cages are not. They have a texture of an 'eggshell'. Further sanding with 600-800 grit sand paper will help to make it smooth.

Hybrid Approach

You can always mix and match between premium and handmade. one thing to note is the colour shade will not be the same. My yellow and shapeways yellow is very different.

Personal Note

I have been making items for a couple of years now and I really do enjoy it. However, this is not my job and therefore finding time to make these items are getting harder and harder. I feel guilty at the time it has taken to make some cages. Therefore this service will allow you to have a guaranteed production and shipping time.

I honestly do not mind which method you choice. I appreciate any support and sale. 

If you do continue down the hand finished cage, then I apologise for the delay

Get yours!

Clicking the button below will take you to the KB3D Cage Shop hosted by shapeways.

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