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Unique NATO40 gas mask tube. 4 silicone tubes are connected both ends by 3D printed adapters. The 4 tubes are held together by 3D printed holders.

Completely customise each colour tube, and the colour of the 3D printed holders and connectors.

This whole tube system of friction fit, so it’s easy to interchange any of the connectors, holders or tubes.

(F) indicates the tubes will glow under UV/Blue light

Select between 0.5m and 1m tubes (want different sizing, contact me)

This item works perfectly with the KB3D Breakaway. Making it easier to attach and detach the tube


Please select each of the tube colours which will make up your tube.

The generic colour option will change the colour of the 3D printed parts (holder and connectors)

*disclaimer* these tubes may restrict breathing slightly. The tube area is less that the area of a NATO40 tube.

KB3D Tube (1m)

Tube Colour 1
Tube Colour 2
Tube Colour 3
Tube Colour 4
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