Chastity Pup Tag

A KB3D Original!

I am sure we can all agree on one thing:


All Pups should be locked in chastity.

The pup should be proud to be locked, and proudly display their key around their neck.

This novel pup tag does just that. On one side, the pup name proudly on display. Flip it over, and you will see its key, securly locked away.

The model in the image is the wonderful @inmateJackson (Twitter). 

LogoLicious_2022.03.03-10.10.48 pm.JPG


Key Storage

Rear compartment allows you to store a key for a chastity device.


The tag can then be padlocked closed.


Choice of font

We have 5 different fonts for you to choose from, so you can display your name in your style.

Other fonts can be selected, however, will require approval.

Single Colour

Having a single colour is more uniform, but makes the text more subtle.



Two Colours

Make the text stand out and display your name proudly by selecting different "inner" (text) and "outer" colours.