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Avon S10/ FM12

The King of the Gasmasks

This is the go-to mask for all drone fetishes. 

This epic mask also comes with epic modification opportunity!

Only negative... there are just too many to choose from!!!!

All of the modules for the S10 are now compatible with the FM12

*Some modifications maybe irreversible - Please check modification guide first.

**See individual on compatibility requirements

KB3D S10/FM12 Eye Ring & Side Valves
LogoLicious_2022.02.06-8.58.37 pm.JPG

KB3D S10/FM12 Eye Ring and cover

Just need that pop of colour?

These small rings will perfectly accent your mask. 

Simply pop off the old rings and add the new.

Just look at the amazing pictures of @DogStricken and @Rubberfanatic (both twitter). Photos taken by the wonderful @Joshidotphoto (Twitter & Instagram)

Now include a blindfold cover which can pop over the top.

KB3D S10/FM12 Side Valve

This item replaces the side valve of S10/FM12 gas mask. This allows you to customise the colours on your mask.

This component replaces the original side valve unit on the S10.

This unit simply screwed tight with the included nut.


This item by standard is a two way valve - great for rebreathing. If you would like it to be a oneway valve you will need to use the rubber flap/valve which comes with the standard gasmask valve. The rubber flap does not make a 100% airtight seal. 

KB3D S10/FM12 Front Covers

The perfect custom cover

Really want to standout in the crowd, however, you do not want to make potentially irreversible changes to your mask?

This might be the perfect item for you!

The front cover of the S10 easily pops off, and you can now replace it with a custom front. 

Compatible with the original S10 mask and the S10 module.

2023 Update: These are currently unavailable due to issues with the 3D printers, I aim to restore this as soon as possible

Just look at the amazing pictures of @DogStricken and @Rubberfanatic (both twitter). Photos taken by the wonderful @Joshidotphoto (Twitter & Instagram)

Image of two gimps wearing modified S10 gas masks
KB3D S10/FM12 Front Modular System

KB3D S10/FM12 Insert V2

This original insert allowed the simple exchange of modules. It fixed the issue of every time you wanted to modify your S10 it destroyed the mask. 

Version two takes this great concept and improves upon it. The most noticeable change is the reversal of the screw thread. When attaching the insert to the mask, the nut is screwed on anti-clockwise. This will improve the issue of when you unscrew a module it unscrews the insert instead.

If you purchase a module, there is an option to get this item for free. one free per order.

Available modules

KB3D S10/FM12 Module

This module will allow the S10 Mask to function like an original S10 + more.


Note on the valve. The new version is designed to work with a New valve system I am testing. Comes with a reversible one-way valve

This is also compatible with the S10 Front Covers.

KB3D S10/FM12 Fleshlight

Fleshlight gas masks. You’ve seen them. You’ve wanted one. Haven’t had the means to get one?

Until now!

This module works with the Fleshlight Quickshot, and it turns your S10 into the perfect masturbator

We have the option of adding the fleshlight at an angle, trying to reduce the "chin fucking" problem.

We do not sell the Fleshlight quickshot, you will have to purchase separately 

KB3D S10/FM12 VAC-U-Lock

Sometimes the purpose of a gimp/drone/sub is to fuck. However, the problem is they should always be locked in chastity... well I have the answer for you!

This VAC-U-Lock module is perfect to turn your sub in to a literal 'dickhead' 

This has additional air holes around the side which will not be blocked by the dildo.

So Doms! Ride away of your subs face 

Dildo not includes

KB3D S10/FM12 Reverse-U-Lock

This play one words is actually very devious. This module actually has the Vac-U-Lock attachment on the other side, so hood up your favourite deepthroater and slowly screw, no escape for you sub!


Pure evil!

Dildos sold separately - designed for the 8" Dong sold by F-machine 

KB3D S10/FM12 Funnel

This funnel is a great addition to the urinal subs/drones out there. 

This funnel has taken all the feedback from the GP5 funnel and has turned it into the ultimate fluid guzzler.

The funnel narrows before reaching the end, increasing the pressure of any fluid. There are additional air holes allowing the sub to breath, however this is under the control of a NATO40 port... So you can blocker it, or add your favourite NATO 40 attachment.

Due to how this item is made, this is now on request only

S10 Funnel V2.png

KB3D S10/FM12 Table

Simple. This module turns your drone into a table... What more do you need!

This module comes in two versions, the first includes air holes to ensure your drone gets all the air required. This is particularly important if you have not modified the side valves of your gas mask.

The second version does not contain air holes. This is for the more advanced user who may want to control the airflow through the side valves of the mask.


Gas mask attachments can be dangerous. All items are used at your own risk. Please play responsibly

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