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Beginners Guide: Bubbler Bottles

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Warning: Any items which are involved with breathplay should be used in a sensible manor. Never play alone, and only with someone you trust. All play is at your own risk, and we take no responsibility for any consequences which maybe caused.

What are bubbler bottles

To put it simply, bubbler bottles are bottles which bubble... That description sounds daft right! Let me go into more detail. Below I describe how they work, and what you can do with them, from a fetish point of view. However bubbler bottles start their life in the medical setting - like a lot of fetish gear. 

How do they work?

As the wearer of the mask breaths in, air is brought into the bubbler bottle from the outside, down the pipe to the very bottom of the bottle. The bubbles then form and float to the top where they leave the bottle and enter the mask. That's it, nothing more. But the beauty of a bubbler bottle is how they can be used.

Why use a bubbler?

There are many parameters which can be adjusted to vary how bubblers are used. They are:

  1. Level of liquid within the bottle. - As you increase the level of liquid within the bottle, the more difficult it is for the wear to breathe. 

  2. The type of liquid within the bottle. - As the air which is breathed is moved through the liquid, any scents added to the liquid will also be breathed. such as urine for watersports, dirty socks soaked, seamen etc

  3. The air which enters the bottle. - similar to point two, you can effect the scent of the air by changing the inlet. for example a smell box.

KB3D SodaBubbler

It would not be a KB3D guide without a little advert. We make a form of bubbler which anyone can either purchase or print themselves. It works by converting a Soda/fizzy drink bottle into a soda bottle. 

This works great because you can easily replace the bottle if you want to freshen the scent. Who enjoys the smell of stale piss? Whereas with the KB3D SodaBubbler, you can use replace the bottle - simple.

Mk.2 version also has a NATO40 connecter which allows additional attachments to be added - such as the smell box.

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