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KB3D Shop

Friends of KB3D. We want to provide a platform for other kinky creators to share and sell their items. 

KB3D Cage Shop

The KB3D Cage shop uses a 3rd party printing service. They use an improved printing method which reduces the appearance of layer lines.

For custom cages please contact me directly by filling in this form

Custom Projects

The most rewarding part of setting up KB3D has been in helping you guys fulfill your fantasies.  Some of my designs that I'm proudest of only exist because it was suggested to me be a follower on twitter etc. 

I will continue to work on new projects regardless, but if you have any ideas of a product that you'd like to see brought to life - get in touch!  It could be as primitive as just an idea, or maybe you've even thought through how it would function or made some concept art.  It all starts out with an idea.  I will be happy to consider any ideas and hopefully, together, we can make something special.

Get in touch

Twitter: @KinkyBiologist

Instagram: @KinkyBiologist

Recon: KinkyBiologist

Telegram: @KinkyBiologist

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