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The Universal Attachments

The attachments listed below are designed around the standard NATO40 attachment. This should work with nearly all gas masks which use the NATO40 connector. The attachments include:

  • Small Adapters

  • Smell Boxes

  • Bubbler

  • Blockers


The attachments and adapters below will work with most gas masks. However, please check each item for compatibility.

KB3D Breakaway

A small device which converts a NATO40 connector into a push fit. 

This has multiple benfits, the first is that it improves the safety, now you can quickly remove any tube by pulling. Stopping the need to unscrew anything.

Second this allows quick and fast changing of any attachments. Super helpful for a dom to change between what is connected.

Universal Attachments

Do you want your sub to forcibly sniff your trainer after a long workout?

Well look no further! This simple gas mask attachment ensures the only 'fresh' air your sub is receiving is coming from your favourite shoe. This will help the sub from shaking the shoe away from the mask. Personally one of my favourite items!

The Soda Bubbler

This ingenious adapter will convert any standard soda bottle(tested with coke. pepsi, fanta etc) into a bubbler bottle.

This device works with a 12mm tube (not included). Cut the tube to the length of the bottle. Fill the bottle with the liquid of choice and screw it onto the gas mask, and breath away!.

Small Adapters

NATO40: Adapter

The frustration when you are trying to connect together two gas mask items and they both have the same connector. 

Available is:

  • Male to male

  • Female to Female

  • Male to Female

NATO40: T Connector

This super handy connecter allows the joining of 3 independent gas mask items. 

Comes in two flavours:

  • Male-Male-Female

  • Female-Female-Male

If there is a option which is currently not available please contact me and I can arrange it

NATO40: Blocker & Reducer

This Small adapter can be screwed onto to any NATO40 attachment and completely block the air. Perfect in combination with one of the T connectors or commonly used to block one of the side vales on an S10 (especially if the speak unit has been replaced by a additional valve).


The only item which does not work with all is the bubbler. The bubbler requires a separate inlet and outlet. Therefore any standard mask will work, however the GP5 modular system, S10 modular system and the GSR side valves are currently not compatible 


Gas mask attachments can be dangerous. All items are used at your own risk. Please play responsibly

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