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The refinement

KB3D V4 takes the best of V3 and refines them. Improving the head shape and curve of the cage for a better fit. In addition, introducing the new style - Hybrid.

KB3D Cage V4

2022 is a big year for the KB3D cages, as I am pleased to introduce version 4. This takes forward the strengths of V3, while taking the recommendations from the chastity community to take this to the next level.

Redesigned head

Although very comfortable, a negative of the V3 head was it was very large. 

Version 4 redesigns the head reducing the empty space. This provides a more supportive and better looking cage.

LogoLicious_2022.02.16-8.04.05 pm.JPG

Curved from the beginning

V3 did not originally start with a curve, which was fine for the nub wearers out there however, once the cages start getting larger than the milli. The cage required to be curved or it would be too noticeable.  Therefore the curve was added as an afterthought.

V4 the curve was designed from the beginning. Hopefully conforming to a more natural shape.

LogoLicious_2022.02.15-9.18.50 am.JPG

Spikes for all!

One cage you may have noticed was missing from the Chastity lab was the Stinger.

This popular cage placed ~30 spikes across the head and shaft of the cage. 

Well, we thought... "Why not at the option for all style of cages?"

And that is what we have done. On each style where you see the spike symbol, this cage is available for the Stinger Treatment!


Give Me More!!!! Styles

With a new generation comes new styles, such as this hybrid. Please get in touch if you have a style idea. This version of cages contain the Solid, Cell, Voronoi and hybrid cage styles


It's still a KB3D Cage

The customizability of the V3 made it a great choice for whoever wants to add their custom flare. 


V4 has the same great colour range as the V3, and is still backwards compatible with V3 rings. (Although I would recommend the V4 ring). 

LogoLicious_2022.02.20-10.51.46 am.jpg

KB3D Cage Price Guide 2024


  • Shorter wait time

  • No layer lines

  • Same great designs

All chastity cages are now provided by Shapeways. 

Shapeways provides the best finish for cages and is what we recommend.

If you wish to have a cage made by KB3D and not shapeways, please contact me directly through the contacts page. check out this guide


If you require any amendments to the designs, whether to the shape or size or anything else, please contact us directly. We will discuss with you the changes and we will upload the new cage to shapeways.

KB3D Cage Guide

Sanding a chastity ring

The Finish

Shapeways uses SLS-type 3D printing. This eliminates the need for sanding and sealing. 

  • Natural

    • This finish has a slightly rough surface and a matte finish. - may require sanding

  • Processed

    • This finish removes some material to create a smoother surface. - similar to an eggshell

  • Premium

    • Using a mechanical process, ceramic media tumbling, this finish removes material to create a smooth surface.

  • Smooth

    • This finish has a smooth surface and slight shine, created using a physio-chemical process to vapor smooth the surface. - recommend

Three sizes of chastity cage

Most cages offer just a couple of size options. KB3D cages come in 6 sizes:


  • Pico (25mm)

  • Nano (35 mm)

  • Micro (45 mm)

  • Milli (55 mm)

  • Kilo (65mm)

  • Mega (75mm)

To find the right size for you, visit our guide: "How to: Measure yourself".

Cage Size

Different chastity ring sizes

Ring Size

Most devices come with three options for base rings: 40mm, 45mm, 50mm.  KB3D offer:


  • 40mm

  • 45mm

  • 50mm

  • 55mm

  • 60mm

To find the right size for you, visit our guide: "How to: Measure yourself".

Chastity key

The cages are designed to fit a standard internal chastity lock.

So, if you already have a lock and key, that you can use with our cage, then save yourself some money and reuse it! It's better for the planet that way too.

Unfortunately I do not have keys to sell. However they are possible to find from many chastity vendors including Lockthecock. 

Lock & Key

Interchangable slower

Mix it up! Or replace parts

Each of the cage designs should fit each of the base rings, regardless of the size of the cage, or the size of the ring. 

This way, you can mix and match! Got the perfect ring, but want to change the cage?  Save some money, and save the planet; reuse what you already have.

When requesting a quote, if you do want the full device, you'll need to tick the box for each part (cage, ring and key & lock).


I design and manufacture each of the cages myself.  If you have 'unique' dimensions, or special requirements, I am open to adjusting my designs to fit your body.

If you need a custom size as you're bigger/smaller/thicker/thinner, or you need a custom shape as maybe you have piercings, growths or you're missing body parts...  I'd be happy to work with you to produce something that works. Please contact me to find out more.

The added time required to design and experiment would be reflected in the quoted price.

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