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KB3D V5- Cage still in development

Revolutionary Design

Never been seen before, this new design includes the anti-pullout nature of a chastity 'tongue' with increased comfort. Truly Revolutionary

The Chastity Tongue

The biggest change to V5 is the revolutionary chastity tongue. The tongue is the bit of the cage which passes under the ring (and locking mechanism) up your penis. This makes it harder to pull out your penis from the cage. 

The issue with many of these tongues is that depending on your body shape, it could dig into the body, causing rubbing and discomfort. This design improves the comfort by curving up as it reaches the body. This makes it event harder to escape.

V5 image 5.png

New locking mechanism

V5 continues to work with the internal chastity key system, but size key housing on the cage has been significantly reduced. This will improve how discrete the cage is, so you can wear the cage with even tighter clothing and less people will notice.

Unfortunately this means the rings/ cages will not be backwards compatible with V4

LogoLicious_2022.02.15-9.18.50 am.JPG

More sizes by standard

V5 cage series has a wider size selection by standard. Each cage now has three widths (Narrow, standard and wide) and the rings now have 3 angles (close, standard and far)

Allowing a better fit.

If you do not fit these standard sizing, then please get in contact about custom sizes. 


Foreskin protection

We have dedicated some research into protecting the foreskin. For many people (myself included), their foreskin can poke through the end of the cage and pinch, this can lead to discomfort. Slightly redesigned urination hole has been designed to reduce pinching.


It's still a KB3D Cage

The founding principles of a KB3D cage still remain. Ensuring the best level of customisation and will always be designed with printing at home in mind, to work on as many printers as possible.

LogoLicious_2022.02.20-10.51.46 am.jpg

KB3D Cage Price Guide 2023


  • Shorter wait time

  • No layer lines

  • Same great designs

All chastity cages are now provided by Shapeways. 

Shapeways provides the best finish for cages and is what we recommend.

If you wish to have a cage made by KB3D and not shapeways, please contact me directly through the contacts page. check out this guide


If you require any amendments to the designs, whether to the shape or size or anything else, please contact us directly. We will discuss with you the changes and we will upload the new cage to shapeways.

KB3D Cage Guide

Sanding a chastity ring

The Finish

Shapeways uses SLS-type 3D printing. This eliminates the need for sanding and sealing. For the V5 we have removed the lower end finishes, as we do not think it will result in the best cage.

  • Smooth

    • This finish has a smooth surface and slight shine, created using a physio-chemical process to vapor smooth the surface. - recommend

three sizes of chastity cage

So many sizes to choose from, with the V5 we have now included 3 width variants of each cage.


  • Femto (10mm) - 32mm, 35mm 38mm

  • Pico (20mm) - 32mm, 35mm 38mm

  • Nano (30 mm) - 32mm, 35mm 38mm

  • Micro (40 mm) - 32mm, 35mm 38mm

  • Milli (50 mm) - 37mm, 40mm 43mm

  • Kilo (60mm) - 37mm, 40mm 43mm

  • Mega (70mm) - 37mm, 40mm 43mm

To find the right size for you, visit our guide: "How to: Measure yourself".

Cage Size

Different ring sizes

Ring Size

V5 now comes with 3 angles for rings, and many size choices. 


  • 40mm - Close, Standard, Far

  • 42.5mm - Close, Standard, Far

  • 45mm - Close, Standard, Far

  • 47.5mm - Close, Standard, Far

  • 50mm - Close, Standard, Far

  • 52.5mm - Close, Standard, Far

  • 55mm - Close, Standard, Far

  • 57.5mm - Close, Standard, Far

  • 60mm - Close, Standard, Far

To find the right size for you, visit our guide: "How to: Measure yourself".

Chastity Key

The cages are designed to fit a standard internal chastity lock.

So, if you already have a lock and key, that you can use with our cage, then save yourself some money and reuse it! It's better for the planet that way too.

Lock & Key

Interchangable slower

Mix it up! Or replace parts

Each of the cage designs should fit each of the base rings, regardless of the size of the cage, or the size of the ring. 

This way, you can mix and match! Got the perfect ring, but want to change the cage?  Save some money, and save the planet; reuse what you already have.

Tape measure around a banana


I design and manufacture each of the cages myself.  If you have 'unique' dimensions, or special requirements, I am open to adjusting my designs to fit your body.

If you need a custom size as you're bigger/smaller/thicker/thinner, or you need a custom shape as maybe you have piercings, growths or you're missing body parts...  I'd be happy to work with you to produce something that works. Please contact me for custom requests

The added time required to design and experiment would be reflected in the quoted price.

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