Why chastity devices need to have a finish applied

3D prints can be rough and unsafe to the skin if you don't process them properly, so click the button below to learn more.

How to: Apply the finish to your chastity device

If you've printed your own, or bought an unfinished/partly finished chastity device, here's a guide on how I apply the KB3D finish.

How to: Measure yourself for a chastity device

Not sure what size chastity cage or ring to get?

Here's a quick guide on how to measure yourself.

Print my designs at home!

Most of my designs can be downloaded so that you can print them at home.  All you need is a working 3D printer, enough filament and a can-do attitude!

Modifying S10 Gas Mask

This guide shows you have to change the Eye Rings, Side Valves and Front Module of the S10 gas mask with the KB3D alternatives.

GP5 or NATO40

Keep seeing these terms thrown around, but not sure what they mean?

Let us explain...

Choosing a gasmask

Choosing the right gasmask for you is never easy.  You may find some useful information here to help you come to a decision. 

Male vs Female Screws

Not sure whether you need a Male screw fitting or a Female screw fitting?  What's the difference?

More to come...

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In the mean time, we'll keep working hard to write more.