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How to print at home

Getting Started

First, you'll need yourself a 3D printer and some filament.  We use Ender 3 V2 printers and PLA filament.  You'll also need the designs that you want to print - see the "My Designs" section below to learn more about accessing my designs.  The only other thing you'll need is a software that can turn the design into something that your printer can understand.  We use Ultimaker Cura, which is a free to use software.

You may need a bit of help setting up your printer and getting used to the software.  3D printing can be fickle to say the least, so take some deep breaths and don't give up if it takes some finangling to get working... is that even a word?... Sadly, we can't help you with this, but we've found the 3D printing community online to be very helpful when you're starting out.

Once you're comfortable that your printer is set up and you've printed some smaller prints with moderate success, you'll be able to print our designs at home!

The printer settings that we recommend will be available in the description of the download, so you know what settings to use.  However, please keep in mind that every printer and every filament is different, so you may need to tweak the settings accordingly.

My designs

Free designs

Many of my designs are available as a free download from thingiverse. You can download the file and print them to your own liking without paying a penny.  Although any tips received through thingiverse are much appreciated.  These tips allow me to spend more time working on my designs.

All of my designs are protected by the Creative Commons License - CC BY-NC-ND 4.0.  This means you can print my desings at home, but you can't sell them on.  Other restrictions apply, but feel free to contact me if you're not sure if you have questions.

More Guides


Want to be able to print more of my designs at home?

Support us on Patreon!

KB3D Chastity £3/month:

  • Get access to all of our chastity designs in all of the standard sizes

KB3D Gas Mask £3/month

  • Get access to all of our Gas Mask designs

KB3D+ £5/month

  • Get all the benefits of the KB3D Chastity and KB3D Gas Mask memberships

I've printed it... now what?

​Most of my designs don't require any post-processing.  The major exception to this rule is chastity devices.  Chastity devices require a high quality finish, to ensure that they don't cause any injury, and to prevent infection.

We've written two guides to help with this, the first, explains why the finish is important in more detail, for those of you that are interested.  The second is a guide on how to apply the finish.  Click the buttons below to visit the guides.

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