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Chastity Services

"Everyone needs to be locked"

At KB3D we are striving for everyone to be locked in a chastity cage. However finding a cage which fits is the challenge. KB3D was founded on chastity cages. We have one of the largest selections of sizes out of all the main brands. However, we would like to go one step further. Below are a new set of chastity services focused on the custom chastity. 

If you are interested in a custom chastity cage, please read the different services below. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Service 1: Standard - £30

This service is for people who have always struggled with cages not fitting and only need minor tweaks to the original cages (For example the width). I will design your custom cage for a third party (Shapeways/ yourself) to manufacture. The cage design will be uploaded to the Shapeways store with the name of your choice.  Or the STL can be provided to you for Printing at home. This does not give you the rights to sell on the design.


The standard service:

  • 1x design of a cage of custom size 

  • Cage will be uploaded to Shapeways and can be purchased separately

  • Link to the product on Shapeways will be provided to you for convenience 

  • STL file can be provided on request to print yourself (also uploaded to Patreon)

  • Available for UK and International 

Hybrid Cage Milli.png

Service 2: Homemade - £85

This service are for people who would like a complete chastity cage designed and manufactured by myself. Includes the £30 custom cage design plus the £60 of a readymade cage. Saving £5.


The Homemade Service:

  • Contains everything in the Standard Service

  • 1x Homemade printed chastity cage and ring

  • 1x Post Process - Including sanding and coated

  • Available for UK and International 


Service 3: Custom - £150 for UK, £200 for International

The Custom Service:

  • Contains everything from the Homemade Service

  • Up to 2 additional changes can be made. - New cages will be shipped so you do not have to return the other.

  • The first cage will not be coated and will be a solid style in black

  • Only the final cage will be in your selected style, colour and be post processed.

  • Only pay for 1 shipping, additional cages will be covered.


Think of this as a trial and error service, so that we can ensure you get the best possible cage as we can tweak the cage with each iteration

The international service is different, because 

shipping internationally can be expensive. Therefore every cage shipped will be in the style you wish, as the first cage maybe perfect therefore there is no need to ship out another.


Service 4: Collector - £230 (UK Only)

This is for the ultimate cage fan. If you want a set of custom cages which have a variety of functions then this its the service for you. 


First we will work together on getting a great fitting cage (As found in the Custom service). Once the sizing is sorted. You can then choose 2 additional cages. This might be additional spikes, etc. This results in saving of £40 (When compared to custom service with 2 additional cages)


This collector service:

  • Contains everything in the custom service

  • + two additional cages with a choice of styles and features. 

LogoLicious_2022.02.15-9.18.50 am.JPG

How to begin

To begin, please fill in the google form below. This will provide me with the foundational information I require. I will only work on one cage at a time, therefore there may be a long wait. If you have not provided enough information, I may choose not to start your request, so please fill in as much detail as possible. 

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