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Choosing a gas mask

GP5 or NATO, one way valve or two? Gas masks can be confusing, I hope this guide will make choosing the right mask and attachment for you. 

What to look out for when picking a gas mask:


The most important is obviously style, which mask do you like the look of. What sort of drone do you want to be. or is this just for getting a good hit of poppers, the look is completely personal. 


The cost of a gas mask can vary massively. Depending on where it was made, how many was made and which are the most popular can change the cost from £10 to >£100. The likes of the GP5 which is very common in the fetish scene is a 20th century former soviet gas mask which was issued to the population. Therefore this was made in the millions and therefore have a huge supply. You can find these in either grey or black on online market places like eBay for £15-20. The S10 CBRN Gas mask which is also very commons the ex general issue gas mask for the British Armed Forces. This was made in much smaller numbers so significantly harder to find. You can find them online for £80-£100.

Gas mask modified for BDSM purposes can also vary the price (See functions below)


This might sound daft, considering all gas masks were originally built for the same purpose but they can function differently. They could contain different screw fittings, have more than one valve, have drinking capability.


  • Screw fitting: this is one of the most important differences between gas masks and this is the attachment fitting. The lucky thing is the majority of gas masks have the same fitting called NATO40. NATO40 is a standard fitting which is found in gas masks such as the Russian GP5, the Israeli, S10, FM12 etc. Unforunetly newer gas masks like the GSR (Current standard issue for the British Armed Forces) contain a different attachment. These gas masks will not work with NATO40 attachments.

  • Inlet valves: Most gas masks have one inlet valve and one outlet valve. The inlet valve (or where the air enters the gas mask) contains the NATO40 attachment. This is so you can screw a filter in, so when you breath in the air is filtered. The outlet valve normally does not have a filter. as all you are doing is expelling air out of the gas mask. If you are using gas masks for poppers inhalation then a standard off the shelf gas mask will work well. Add the poppers to the filter and you breath the poppers. However if you want to try rebreather/recycling, then an off the shelf gas mask will not work. Rebreathing is when you recycle the same air in and out. However if your gas mask has two separate valves this is impossible. Therefore you need to either modify it yourself or ask someone else to do it. The modification requires turning the one way inlet valve into a two way valve and then blocking up the exit valve. Breathing poppers will also work with a two-way valve. One thing which will not work with a. two-way valve is a bubbler. This is when you use liquid to restrict the flow of air and add a scent. This must be used with a separate in and out valve.

KB3D Compatibility 

So I have not given a list of available masks, because there are so many. However, as you have arrived on my website you may be interested in which masks can be modified with KB3D items. These are some of the most popular gas masks on the market, however this is continuously changing.


The S10 is probably the current 'King of Gasmasks'. This is the one which has the most demand. I make an extensive list of modifications for this gas mask. The S10 benefits for having a large amount of internal space, this allows all the modules and side valves to fit without clashing with each other. This is the mask I would recommend over the FM12.


You may have heard of the S10.2. This mask is a Chinese clone of the S10. You will find these much cheaper, they can also be modified with the S10 front modules and side valves (Eye rings are not compatible).


This is the "newer" version of the S10, looks very similar, however the S10 specific modules are not compatible. You need the FM12 specific modules. The same modules are available for both. The negative to the FM12 is there is less space within the mask, so some of the larger front modules may clash a bit with the side valves. This should not affect function, but it's something to be aware of.


Unique, and the new standard issue gas mask. This currently has limited expansions, however this is the easiest mask to expand. Removing the side valves requires removing of the screw thread. Front modules are coming soon.


This is the cheapest mask on the market, because of its abundance. Can also be easily modified by bending the teeth back on the rings. This is my recommendation for a beginners gas mask, as it also completely covers the head in rubber.

Which mask would you want to see next? Contact me and suggest you favourite

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