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Kink on a budget?

Guide written by PupOakley

You’ve just join your first kink site and you have just realised just how expensive kink items can be.


Why is kink so expensive?

Fetish gear can cost a lot because of the materials, labour and shipping costs. However, fetish items will also have a premium added to them. Therefore, shopping smart will help.


The biggest advice is to do your research. Write a list of items you want, and write a list. Do not be afraid to update the list when you feel like it. This can all change as you learn new things and trying different items out. Check out Amazon and other non kink websites, they have the same item, but for better price. Amazon has some great deals on items you may pay a bit more for a better quality product but less than a kink store. Just know as long as it does it purpose you won’t worry about what it looks like unless its for the looks. The brand name also does not matter! If someone is not going to meet with you cause its not branded then its not worth meeting them.


One Example:

When the other half and I wanted a whip/riding crop, we spent ages looking at the kink website - after all that was the intention -  One Saturday afternoon, we were looking around a local outdoors centre and came across a riding crop for £8 in the reduced section. We picked it up and took it home with us. Which we still have to this day. Let just say, this is when I love a self checkout. No one has to talk to you and you feel a little less self conscious that your buying something that you know isn’t going to be used for it intending purpose.

Another example:

 A great product for kink play, which has many uses is a magic wand. If you look on kink retailers they can be very expensive, which if you have the money to throw at that kind of stuff then go for it. Alternatively, you can go to amazon/ebay etc, and search for "Back massager" you can get a similar product with a much lower cost. Be creative and see what comes out of it and what non kink people would use it for. There are some great savings to be had. 


Unsure what you want?

When starting out you may not know what you like or how to feel about it but just have the interest in them. Let's take Rubber/latex for an example. You’ve seen on twitter (X) the amazing looking guys in a rubber catsuit or some nice leather chaps and really want to know what it feels like. First way I would say is to save and buy something small, especially if you can’t have a full suit hanging in the wardrobe. Easy to hide things such as: underwear, gloves, t-shirts or vests. These are also items which are easy to hide but also easy to sell on if you decide it not something for you.


The next place is looking for secondhand sites. There are many places to look for items such as rubber, leather and other kink items. Places like eBay, have many secondhand pieces on there which are reduced in price. Another places is this site is a kink-orientated selling site, in which a person can sell their secondhand gear. They have many things on there so check it out.


The last thing you may come across is someone willing to show you their kit. As we all know, gear is expensive, and it takes years to build up a collection. Don't be afraid to ask questions. This is where you need to be respectful.  Start of by showing you are interested in them and their collection. Ask questions about their gear. Avoid saying things like "When can I get in that", "do that to me" or "can I be next". Spark a conversation and if they can see you are genuinely interested they will try their best to help you out as much as they can.

Ask questions about how they built up their collection. Such as how thick or what grade of material is this. This will help you budget and work out which type of gear to get. Also how does an item work many kink items can look easy to use but are difficult to set up or take time. 



Everyone knows it, from a rubber/latex catsuit to a nice inversion bench - It all costs so much and takes up a lot of space. One great tip, I can say from personal experience, is go with a few mates and hire a fetish dungeon. They contain kit and furniture which you can try and experiment. Its a great way to be cost effective for a few hours, allowing you to try out different things, which you have dreamed about trying.

Lastly I would say to you all. Just be patient you will get there in the end everything takes time. Just because you don’t have all the kit doesn’t not mean people won’t speak or want to meet you. Everyone has to start somewhere and showing interest is just start the rabbit hole your about to dive into.  

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