Scott General Service Respirator (GSR)

The new kid on the block

I say new... most recent (2010 to be specific). This is the current issue British Armed Forces gas mask.


Incredible look! 

This Mask is unique as it is a dual valve mask which has a valve which seals when no filter is attached.

Although technically a NATO40 mask, the NATO40 screw thread is buried deep in the valve unit and difficult to find. However super easy to remove the whole valve

KB3D Modifications:

We have developed two GSR valve replacements which allows the attachment of NATO40 adapters*

*See below for compatibility requirements

KB3D GSR Valves

KB3D GSR Small Adapter

This small adapter is great valve to allow both the standard GSR filters and NATO40 attachments to work with the mask. 

This currently does not not have the capability to act as a one way valve. However this feature is being worked on.

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KB3D GSR Large Valve

This valve makes more of a statement. Pick a colour of your choice, this slim adapter, will occupy the same space as the GSR filter. 

Screw in any NATO40 attachment, and away you go. 

This is not compatible with the standard GSR filter

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KB3D GSR Attachments Compatibility

See compatibility table below for the GP5 Mask with the NATO40 Attachments: 

*Original: Compatibility with the original valve unit fitted to GSR masks. 

*Bubbler Requires a separate inlet and outlet. It will not work with the GSR

GSR Compatibility.PNG


Gas mask attachments can be dangerous. All items are used at your own risk. Please play responsibly