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Your new Order! 
What Next?


THANK YOU! At KB3D we hope you enjoy your items

When will it arrive?

So you have just ordered your items, and now you are wondering how long it will take. My aim is to fulfil all orders within 2 months of the order being placed. Most orders will be completed sooner than that, however this gives me time during busy periods.  I make all items to order, and it's on a first come first serve basis, so if there is a long delay, it's because there will be many orders ahead.

Please at any time you may contact me to ask the status of the order, how many orders are ahead or an estimated delivery date... or even just a chat. You can get contact me either via email, or Twitter, Telegram, Recon and Instagram. 

What next?

Image of two drones wearing S10 Gas Mask with KB3D modifications

So you have just opened your box containing your items. However you may have noticed there are no instructions included. As part of our drive to reduce waste we have decided to include all in information below.

Installation guide - Gasmasks

We have tried to make the installation of the modules as simple as possible. We have designed an insert for each mask which allows the modules to be simply screwed in and out of. However the installation of the insert and the other components (Side valves/ eyerings etc) are specific for each mask type. Please click on the link below which will take you to the guide on modifying the specific mask.

Further Advice

3D Printed items: The items do not fit

At KB3D we use FDM printing method. This method deposits molten plastic in layers, which means if there is an overhang supports must be generated. These supports may leave additional plastic behind. Therefore the items may not fit together initially. Once the item is removed from the printer the additional plastic is removed, and the items are tested. 

Because of this additional plastic when you first receive your items, some of the nuts and screw threads maybe very stiff. This is not an issue to be worried over. The more the screw thread is used the better it becomes as the two items "sand' each other. 

When you receive a new item, we recommend you just continuously screw the item on and off a few times until you get the desired resistance. 

If you are still struggling, using sand paper to smooth it, I would start with a low grit sand paper (~200) to remove more plastic, but I would always increase to 600+ grit to ensure it's smooth afterwards. If this has caused the item to appear 'whiter' then this is from all the scratches. To fix this, was the item to remove as much as you can, then very carefully use a blow torch over the area. This will melt the plastic slightly to fill in the scratches. Same mechanism you have seen online with green plastic garden chairs. Be careful! this plastic can burn if you are not careful!

Screw thread direction:

It's important to note, the new nuts for the inserts screw in the opposite direction (anti-clockwise). Therefore if you are struggling to fix the insert to the mask, note the direction.

Cannot fit eye ring:

Eye rings for GP5 simply push over the top. But I imagine you are here because the eye rings for the S10 and FM12. These are difficult eye rings to put on. Even the original eye rings are very hard to put back on. I have worked very hard to find a balance between the ease of putting them on, and them not falling off once on. My eye rings are a bit easier than the original ones. Every time I make a batch of eye rings, I will randomly test the rings on my mask. Therefore the ring you specifically have may not have been tested. First thing I would do is look through around the inside groove of the ring. If there is any protruding plastic which may be blocking that groove I would remove. After that I would just keep trying, It will go on. Take a break, the come back to it if need. If you still struggle, you are welcome to send the mask to me (or is local bring it to me) and I will fit them for you.

Missing/damaged items?

We of course try to ensure all the items you have purchased arrives and in one piece. All the items will be inspected and tested before it is shipped, but things can happy during shipping.

If you have a missing item, firstly do a thorough check of the box it arrives in. We ship your items wrapped in brown paper, therefore some items maybe inside the paper. Secondly, check to see if your item is screwed into another. To help with shipping, if possible, we will screw your items together to reduce the movement inside the box.

If after this you still cannot find your items, please get in contact. Any missing or damaged items will be replaced.

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